Chris & I

Chris & I

The author and photographer, Chris Primi,  is one of those rare kinds of people who believe in you instantly and generously pour their heart and knowledge into you without asking anything in return.   He is an accomplished interior designer, business owner and entrepreneur (among lots of other amazing things).  I am so grateful to the many people in my life, especially my loving family, who dream with me!


The farm at Deer Hollow Video:


Luckily, my parents are dreamers too!  They have wanted to have their own little piece of heaven out in the country.  Years ago they purchased land in Wisconsin and had plans to build a farmhouse.  Life takes you down different paths and they ended up selling they property.  This is something that always weighed on their hearts.  Fast forward to now.  They found a beautiful piece of land with an old farmhouse, pond and barns.  They fell in love and are now in the process of renovation.  Enjoy this inside tour of their new, very old, home.

See the reveal here:

..and speaking of dreaming...

How i make my lemon Macarons video:


The funny thing about macarons is that I visited  Paris three times and somehow hadn't discovered them.  I was so in love with French onion soup, Croque Monsieurs and Pain au Chocolat... I didn't realize there was another delicious French treat waiting for me.  Macarons and I stayed strangers for many years,  There was a student in my Art and Architecture class in Paris who made a point of trying every macaron in the city.   It wasn't until 5 years later on our wedding day that I had my very first Laduree Macaron.   They were incredible and more than anything- beautiful!  I think they are one of the prettiest treats you can eat.  My favorite macaron is one that is super fresh.  I like them soft and chewy.  I think if they are crunchy then they are either overbaked or have sat for too long.  I love them but more than anything I think I love the look of them.  They remind me of our wedding day, of brunch with our wedding planner at Laduree, of my daughter on Halloween (we made a Laduree Macaron costume for her) and of being Parisian.  My husband makes an extra trip every time he is in New York to go to Laduree.  He fills a box with an assortment of beautiful colored macarons that we share when he gets home. 



Favorite sweets in Georgetown video: